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Important information

Please read carefully through the following terms and conditions for Point Park University housing and food service.


  1. Eligibility - During the period of this contract the student must be enrolled at Point Park University on a full-time academic basis and current with respect to all of the student's financial obligations to the University. A student who is in arrears on any debt to the University will be subject to removal from the residence hall facilities.
  1. Non-Transferable - This contract is between the named student and Point Park University. It may not be transferred to another individual.
  1. Single Contract - This contract is for residence life and food service together and not one or the other. The student may not occupy the residence hall facilities of Point Park University without participating in the food service plan, unless the student has received the prior written consent of Point Park University or unless the student resides in the Blvd Apartments. A student requesting exemption from the meal plan for medical reasons must provide documentation from his/her physician. The University's consent will be based upon the decision of Student Health Services.
  1. Payment of Fees - All charges and fees for the Residence Life and food service for the period of this contract must be paid in full before the first day of occupancy, unless the student has made deferred payment arrangements with the Office of Student Accounts.
  1. Deposits - At the time this contract is returned by the student to Point Park University, the student must make a $250 maintenance fee deposit. The maintenance fee deposit is a one-time deposit that is not refunded when the student successfully terminates from the residences hall facilities.
  1. Guarantee - This contract does not guarantee a space in the residence halls. Residential space is allocated based upon availability.
  1. Cancellation - This contract is for both the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. If the student voluntarily cancels this contract during this time period, a 10 percent penalty will be applied. Contracts canceled by the pre-established deadline date published by the University will be eligible for a full refund.
  1. Refund Schedule for Residence Life Charges - Any student who voluntarily moves out of the residence halls after moving in and prior to the end of the academic year will be subject to the following refund schedule:

a. First calendar week, 90%

b. Second calendar week, 75%

c. Third calendar week, 50%

d. Fourth calendar week, No Refund

  1. Other Rules. Regulations and policies - The student acknowledges having read and understood this contract before signing it and having read or having had an opportunity to read the published rules, regulations and policies regarding residence life and food service at Point Park University. THE STUDENT AGREES TO ABIDE BY ANY AND ALL SUCH RULES, REGULATIONS AND POLICIES AND ANY AND ALL CHANGES THERETO.

Residence Life

  1. Access - The student shall have full access to the assigned residence hall facilities during period when the University is in session, as set forth in Point Park University's published calendar. When the University is not in session the food service facilities may be closed; however, upon prior notice to the Director of Housing and Occupancy Management the student may contract, during these periods, on a per diem basis for residence hall and food service at rates as published by Point Park University. *(Both and not one or the other.)=
  1. Room Assignments - It is understood that any request will receive consideration based upon available space and the date of receipt of a completed application, which includes the completed residence life and food service contract and all applicable deposits. Subject to the availability of space, the University will make every effort to assign accommodations according to student preference, but the University will not guarantee assignment to a particular building, type of accommodation, specific roommate, or single room. Transfer from one room to another will be considered based upon space available, date and time of request, and the necessity of the transfer. All transfers must have the approval of Housing and Occupancy Management. The University reserves the right to deny applications, to change or cancel assignments in the interest of order, health, safety, or discipline with the appropriate written notice.

    Point Park University is committed to creating a safe learning, working and living environment for all students. The housing contract will include an option for students to select their gender identity and housing assignments will be based on that identity. Additionally, Housing and Occupancy Management will work with students individually to best address their needs.
  1. Prohibitions - The student agrees not to use or possess or permit others to use or possess, for any purposes, the following items within the residence hall facilities of Point Park University:

a. DRUGS or substances listed as controlled under local, state or federal laws and regulations;

b. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (including beer and wine) if under 21 years of age;

c. FIREARMS, Including weapons, explosives, toxic chemicals, candles, lanterns, flame lamps, or other flame or spark emitting articles;

d. FIREWORKS of any kind;

e. MICROWAVES, hot plates, electric coffee pots, or other appliances (for those living in Lawrence and Thayer Halls;



h. WEIGHTLIFTING equipment;


j. PETS.

The student also agrees not to use any of Point Park University's firefighting and other safety equipment except in genuine emergencies and for the purpose intended for such equipment.

  1. Inspections - Routine room inspections by the University to determine compliance with Point Park University rules and regulations will be announced at least one day in advance; however, University personnel may enter a room at any time in case of emergency, health and safety issues, or whenever a violation of the residence life rules and regulations of the University requires such entry. Whenever a room is entered without the knowledge or consent of the student, a "Notice of Entry" will be placed in the room.
  1. Personal Property Loss - Please note that your personal belongings including, but not limited to, furniture, clothing, jewelry, laptops, cell phones, and money, are not the responsibility of Point Park University. If a loss occurs (due to water, fire, accidental damage, or theft, for example), Point Park University is not responsible. We strongly encourage purchasing personal property insurance that's available here, to cover your personal belongings. You may also contact our broker who handles this plan, Haylor, Freyer & Coon Inc., at 866-535-0456, or if you have any questions or if you require assistance with enrollment.
  1. Damage to Common Areas - Charges for damage done in common areas of the residence hall facilities, including corridors, stairways, washrooms, toilets, elevators, lounges, and others will be levied equally against all residents on the floor where the damage occurs, or if common areas, against all students in a particular residence hall, unless the responsibility for such damage is clearly determined.

a. NOTICE OF NON-PAYMENT OF ALL RESIDENCE LIFE AND FOOD SERVICE charges by the date specified on the invoice for those charges or in any deferred payment plan agreed to by Point Park University and the student;

b. NOTICE OF NON-PAYMENT of other university charges, including tuition and fees as promised by the student in other agreements or PROMISSORY NOTES to Point Park University;

c. NOTICE OF DISMISSAL for academic or other reasons;

d. NOTICE OF DISMISSAL FROM RESIDENCE by the director of housing and occupancy management, of any University rules, regulations or policies, or any provision of this contract.

  1. Vacating Residence Halls - The student agreesto vacatethe residence halls facilities upon voluntary withdrawal from school, at the end of each term, and upon graduation, in accord with Point Park University's published vacating procedures, and within 24 hours of the final day of the contract. Failure to return room key and residence hall I.D. within 24 hours after the completion of this contract will result in a penalty fee.
  1. Conduct - The student agrees to occupy the residence hall facilities in accord with all rules, regulations and policies and in a manner considerate of the rights of other students and agrees to refrain from loud and raucous behavior, loud stereo, radio, and TV volume, and from otherwise disturbing other residents.

Food Service

  1. Meals are not guaranteed when food service facilities are closed.
  1. No credit is given for meals missed.

TERMINATION - If this contract is terminated for any reason and if housing and food service charges and ALL OTHER UNIVERSITY CHARGES have been paid by the student, the unused portion of the meal charges will be refunded to the student, less a charge equivalent to seven (7) days of meals to cover the overhead associated with the food service portion of this contract. OTHERWISE, ANY UNUSED FOOD SERVICE FUNDS WILL BE APPLIED TO PAY OTHER CHARGES OWED THE UNIVERSITY BY THE STUDENT.