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School of Communication full-time and part-time faculty members are proven professionals with connections to top media and communication organizations. Many faculty have a wealth of real-world industry experience and work at local newspapers, broadcast stations and websites, giving them insight into current trends and opportunities in the field.

Meet School of Communication Full-Time Faculty

Pictured is Thom Baggerman. Thom Baggerman, Ph.D., associate professor
  • More than a decade of professional experience in television production, including WTOV-TV
  • Active in teaching, research and professional work; chair of research division, Broadcast Education Association
  • Teaches broadcasting and multimedia classes; chair, School of Communication
Pictured is Robin Cecala. Robin Cecala, Ph.D., associate professor
  • Professional experience as an instructor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Southern Mississippi
  • Member, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, National Communication Association, Southern States Communication Association
  • Teaches broadcasting and multimedia classes; adviser, U-View
Pictured is Aimee-Marie Dorstein. Aimee-Marie Dorsten, Ph.D., associate professor
  • More than a decade of professional experience in newspapers and magazines
  • Published numerous academic articles on the history of the field of communication, ethics and technology
  • Teaches journalism classes; adviser, SPJ and The Globe
Pictured is Aimee-Marie Dorstein. Camille Downing, M.A., lecturer
  • More than 30 years of experience in the field of public relations, including President of Downing Communications, a communications consultancy that specializes in non-profit public relations and marketing
  • Board member and leader for the International Association of Business Communicators at the local, regional and international level
  • Teaches public relations and integrated marketing communication courses (16 years as a part-time professor and four as full-time); co-adviser, Public Relations Student Society of America/American Advertising Federation
Pictured is Tatyana Dumova. Tatyana Dumova, Ph.D., professor
  • More than 15 years of teaching at the university level, developed Point Park's M.A. in communication technology program, taught the School of Communication's first online class
  • Presented and published extensively on new media technologies, founded and edited a scholarly journal, held leadership positions in professional associations
  • Teaches multimedia and other communication classes in face-to-face, online and hybrid modes
Pictured is David Fabilli. David Fabilli, M.A., professor
  • More than 30 years working on Pittsburgh radio, including WDUQ, WJJJ, 3WS, WJAS, WYJZ, WDSY and WWCS
  • An active Grammy-voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
  • Teaches broadcasting classes; adviser, WPPJ
Pictured is Helen Fallon. Helen Fallon, M.A., professor
  • More than 20 years of professional experience in newspapers
  • Instrumental in creating the annual student trips to Washington, D.C., and a different foreign country each year to focus on national and international media as well as broaden travel experiences for students
  • Teaches journalism classes; director, Honors Program
Pictured is Heather Starr Fiedler. Heather Starr Fiedler, Ph.D., professor
Pictured is April Friges. April Friges, M.F.A., assistant professor and photography program coordinator
  • Professional artist whose work has been shown in exhibitions in museums and galleries across the nation
  • A 2010 pedagogical fellow, The University of California, Irvine, focusing on advanced teaching skills, and researching how methods of teaching and student learning relate
  • Teaches photography classes; adviser, Point Park Photography Collective
Pictured is Steve Hallock. Steve Hallock, Ph.D., professor
  • More than 25 years of professional experience in newspapers as an award-winning professional journalist
  • Published seven books: Some of Doc's BluesThe Silent Treatment, Justice Delayed, In Cheesman Park, The Press March to War, Reporters Who Made History and The Dwindling Marketplace of Ideas in Today's News, and published commentaries in newspapers that include The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Teaches journalism classes; director, School of Communication graduate programs
Pictured is Timothy Hudson. Timothy Hudson, Ph.D., professor
  • More than 15 years in communication administration at top-ranked universities, worked professionally in television journalism, documentary production, multimedia design and international media education
  • Written numerous journal articles on topics including journalism ethics and multimedia research methods, and authored several successful industry and foundation grants resulting in millions of dollars worth of equipment, facilities and innovative programs at his home institutions
  • Teaches media ethics and a wide variety of communication courses
Pictured is Robert Meyers. Robert Meyers, M.F.A., associate professor
  • Worked professionally as owner of Robert Meyers Design, with renowned designer Saul Bass in Los Angeles, and as a creative director, designer, art director and project manager
  • Recognized with more than 200 International, national, and regional awards and publications
  • Teaches graphic design/visual communication design classes; advisor, graphic design club; co-adviser, Public Relations Student Society of America/American Advertising Federation
Pictured is Bill Moushey. Bill Moushey, M.S., professor
  • Worked professionally as an investigative journalist for more than 38 years
  • A Pulitzer-Prize finalist who has won numerous awards for his reporting and an author of two non-fiction books: Game Over: Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the Culture of Silence and Never Give Up; founder of the podcast "Win at All Costs," which delves into cases of wrongful convictions.
  • Teaches journalism classes
Pictured is Bob O'Gara. Bob O'Gara, M.A., professor
  • Worked professionally in the public relations and/or advertising programs for two Fortune 500 companies
  • Serves as the education partner for both Public Relations Society of America and American Advertising Federation
  • Teaches public relations and advertising and integrated marketing communications classes
Pictured is Chris Rolinson. Chris Rolinson, M.F.A., professor
  • Worked professionally as a staff photojournalist and freelance multimedia journalist for regional and national publications; short documentary film producer
  • Directs the environmental journalism program, including student travel to Montana and the Dominican Republic
  • Teaches photography, photojournalism and mass communication classes
Pictured is Ben Schonberger. Ben Schonberger, M.F.A., lecturer
  • Professional artist whose work has exhibited and collected in the U.S., Europe and Asia
  • Schonberger's work incorporated the use of photography, collage, performance and sculpture
  • Teaches photography classes