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Transportation & Parking

A red Port Authority bus cruises down Wood Street, providing convenient mass transit service to Point Park University in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Commuting to Point Park

Whether you drive, carpool, take a bus, bike or walk to campus, here's some transportation information to help make it easier:

Practice your commuting plan

If you haven't traveled from where you're living or working to Point Park's campus in Downtown Pittsburgh, we strongly suggest that you take a "test drive" before the first day you have to be on campus. Online maps are great resources, but they can't take the place of the first-hand experience you get by making the drive and parking, or finding your bus or trolley stop if you're taking mass transit.

Take the time for a practice commute — you'll be much more relaxed on your first days if you know what to expect, and you'll have time to "fix" anything that might not go the way you anticipated.

Bus and mass transit

Signs for a Port Authority bus stop and for nearby bike trails, along with the street sign for Wood Street.

Port Authority fares and schedules

The Port Authority primarily serves Allegheny County. You can find updated fare information and bus schedules on the Port Authority website, along with "Riding 101" — basics about the bus, T (light rail), inclines and Park & Ride lots.

The Port Authority website also provides information and contact information about mass transit options for outlying counties, including

  • Beaver County
  • Butler County and Grove City, Pa.
  • Charleroi and California, Pa.
  • Mid-Mon Valley Transit Authority
  • Fayette County – Uniontown, Pa.
  • New Castle, Pa.
  • Washington County
  • Westmoreland County

Point Park shuttles

Point Park shuttles run to and from Oakland, where some students opt for off-campus housing. The shuttles also run for University activities, shopping and Pittsburgh International Airport. You must show a Point Park ID to ride the shuttles. For details, visit Point Park's transportation page.

Biking and bike racks

Bicycles are lined up in the bike racks offered by Point Park University for students who wish to bike to campus. The bike racks are located on Third Avenue.

Biking can be a great way to get to campus; biking is good for your health, can save you money and is kind to the environment. For your safety, and the safety of others on the road around you, please be aware of Pennsylvania's Bicycling Laws and read Pennsylvania's Bicycle Driver's Manual (PDF).

Bike racks are available outside of Academic Hall on the Third Avenue side. You must provide your own lock.

Please note: Point Park University does not assume any responsibility for bikes parked in the bike racks.

Parking discounts, options and resources

Discounted parking at Station Square

Because Downtown Pittsburgh is a thriving business and cultural destination — with lots of things to do and many advantages for Point Park students — parking options can be tight. For students who drive to campus, Point Park has an arrangement with Station Square parking for a discounted monthly parking lease for Point Park students. You can park at Station Square, then take a free shuttle (operated by Station Square) from the parking lot to campus.

A Station Square shuttle picks up passengers at the intersection of Wood Street and the Boulevard of the Allies.To acquire a discounted Station Square monthly parking pass (lease), you must

  • visit the Office of Student Life, first floor Pioneer Hall
  • fill out a parking contract
  • have the contract signed by Student Life
  • bring your Point Park ID (sorry, no exceptions)

Shuttles leave from the west lot of Station Square (near the hotel) and stop at each intersection of the Boulevard of the Allies from Stanwix Street to Smithfield Street. They run Monday–Friday, 7–10 a.m. and 3–7 p.m.

Parking is available at either the East Lot (closest to the Smithfield Street Bridge) or the West Lot. Discounted monthly leases cost around $100 per month. Or park there daily for $6 a day if you are in before 10 a.m.

Other parking options

Of course, there are other places to park in and around Downtown Pittsburgh.

You can also check out ParkPGH, a mobile / app / text / online / phone-in resource that provides real-time parking space availability for garages in Pittsburgh's Cultural District (some of these lots are about four blocks away from Point Park's campus; others may be more of a walk).

Some of the parking garages in the ParkPGH network include:

Or ... live on campus

If you’re an undergraduate, it may be easier to live on campus and walk to class. Consider living on campus.

It may be more cost effective to live on campus, too, depending on your circumstances. Do you know how much it costs you to commute? Check out the CashCourse interactive cost calculator to figure out and compare the costs of living on campus, off campus and at home.