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Criminal Justice and Intelligence Success Stories

Meet our Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies Alumni and Students

In the profiles featured below, meet alumni and students from the criminal justice, intelligence and national security and forensic science programs as well as the Master of Science in criminal justice administration program. These alumni and students discuss why they chose Point Park University and talk about their experiences with course work, class sizes, faculty and student interaction, campus life and how earning or pursuing a degree is helping them to reach their career goals.

Pictured is criminal justice alumna Taneka Davis. Davis is working as a adult probation officer in Arizona. | Photo submitted by Davis. Taneka Davis

B.S. in Criminal Justice, 2010
Adult Probation Officer, The Judicial Branch of Arizona - Maricopa County

"I enjoyed the talented professors at Point Park and how they were willing to help you with projects and took on a true hands-on approach. They were very nurturing so you never felt like you were just a number in a classroom."

"Point Park is a really phenomenal school. Life has not been easy for me but my experiences have built my character. Many of the classes at Point Park have been therapeutic and have helped me with where I want to go in the future."

Pictured is criminal justice accelerated and criminal justice administration alumnus Chris Ingram. Chris Ingram

B.S. in Criminal Justice (accelerated program), 2006
M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, 2007
Director of the Extended Care Division, Gateway Rehab

"Earning a bachelor's and master's degree from Point Park has helped me with career advancement.  I have also been able to apply the administrative skills I learned in class in my role as director of the Extended Care Division."

"Overall, I enjoyed the learning process and interaction with my peers and professors.  I would encourage anyone wanting a career in criminal justice to look at Point Park University."

Pictured is intelligence and national security alumnus Jeff Gurski. Jeffrey Gurski

B.S. in Intelligence and National Security, 2012
Working within the National Intelligence Community

"When I came upon the intelligence and national security program at Point Park and looked at the courses I needed to take, I was sold. It was the only way I would leave the Marines and go to school. I have a deep passion for the field."

"The intelligence and national security program is very unique in that our professors have such a deep background working in the intelligence community. Students are not only learning book material but can learn and absorb information and scenarios that our professors have gone through in their careers as intelligence professionals."

Pictured is criminal justice administration alumna  and Assistant Chief of Pittsburgh Police Maurita Bryant. Maurita Byrant

B.S. in Law Enforcement (accelerated program), 2006
M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, 2007

Assistant Chief, City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police

Bryant oversees the City of Pittsburgh's police operations branch, with six commanders and 579 officers under her charge, including the SWAT unit. She also was appointed president National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.

"When I look back on my life and think of things that happened or situations where I could have really gone down the wrong path, I feel something led me on the right path. I think I was meant to be a police officer.”

Pictured is criminal justice administration alumnus Daniel Meinert. Daniel Meinert

M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration, 2007
Securities Investigator, Pennsylvania Securities Commission, Division of Enforcement, Litigation, and Compliance

"When I retired as lieutenant/district commander, I wanted to continue working and believed a master’s degree would make me stand out from other applicants. I chose Point Park’s accelerated criminal justice administration program because it was offered every Saturday and I could complete it in one year.  Also, I knew graduates before me who really enjoyed the program."

"If you want to position yourself for career advancement, I highly recommend a graduate degree in this field. Having a master's degree has opened many opportunities for me and given me the ability to be more selective when it came time to choose a new career."

Pictured is criminal justice alumna Amanda Heinbaugh. Amanda Heinbaugh

B.S. in Criminal Justice, 2012
Graduate student, pursuing master's degree in public affairs, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"I transferred to Point Park because the previous two schools I attended were not for me.  I felt Point Park had more to offer in its criminal justice program and I had heard that the faculty did not just teach from the book but openly shared their experiences in the field with students."

"The professors considered us colleagues and did not teach over us. I would not have been able to achieve what I did without the help of my professors.  I was honored that they chose me as the academic excellence award recipient for criminal justice and I still keep in contact with several of them."

Pictured is forensic sciences major Matt Coleman. Matthew Coleman

Student, pursuing B.S. in Forensic Science
Expected graduation: May 2014

"What I like most about Point Park are the small class sizes. I prefer classes where your professor actually knows your name and you are not just a number in a class of 250. In smaller classes, you can have debates and intelligent one-on-one conversations with both professors and fellow students."

"My career goal is to be a forensic investigator. I want to be out in the field collecting evidence and bodies because life in a lab would be boring to me. In the field, you have to be a 'jack-of-all-trades.' No two scenes are alike so there is no set protocol and that is what I love, variety in the work place."