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Meet Sasha Alvarez

Pictured is dance student Sasha Alvarez. | submitted photo

Major and expected graduation: B.F.A. in dance, 2017
Hometown: Tampa, Fla.
High school: Howard W. Blake School for the Performing Arts and Next Generation Ballet at the Patel Conservatory
Hobbies/interests: Watching shows on Netflix and traveling

How were you selected to perform at the Cuba International Dance Competition?

For the last two summers, the director of the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School, Mr. Ariel Serrano, has watched me participate in classes. Last summer, he held a gala in Florida and asked me to perform alongside students from the Cuban National Ballet School in Havana.

In addition to performing, I took classes with legendary Cuban ballet teachers and it was an incredible experience that fortified my love for classical ballet. At the end of my three weeks in Sarasota, Mr. Serrano invited me to participate in the Cuba International Dance Competition and Workshop. I was extremely excited and knew this experience would be the perfect place for me.

Tell us about your experience in Cuba.

"Point Park has exposed me to almost every style of dance and techniques that are necessary for me to grow as a dancer."

-- Sasha Alvarez

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I traveled to Cuba with 13 dancers from all over the United States. The experience was more than just another ballet workshop, it was inspiring on so many levels; personally I realized how lucky I am to live in the U.S. and have the means to afford an education to become a better dancer. I've danced in several summer programs in the U.S. and in Europe, but nothing compares to what it was like dancing in Cuba. The people were so welcoming, the studios were breathtaking and the training is unmatched. There are very limited resources (shoes, tights, leotards, etc.), but everyone is so disciplined and dedicated to creating the highest quality of work possible.

Why did you choose to study dance at Point Park?

I chose Point Park for many reasons, but mainly because I didn't want to study one style of dance. Point Park has exposed me to almost every style of dance and techniques that are necessary for me to grow as a dancer.

How did Point Park prepare you for this incredible experience in Cuba?

As a dance major at Point Park, I have a very rigorous training and performance schedule that prepared me for this experience.

What are your career goals?

I would love to join a national touring dance company so that I can share my work with an audience who appreciates the art of dance.

What advice do you have for aspiring dancers?

Stay focused and listen to your heart. Remember to believe in yourself no matter what obstacles you encounter in life.

Final thoughts?

I would like to thank all of my dance teachers (past and present) and my parents for all their love and support.


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