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Point Park University's 36-credit, fully-accredited M.B.A. program will begin offering a concentration in the energy industry in the spring 2016 semester, beginning Jan. 9.

"Point Park's program is just the latest example of how collaboration among industry and academia is absolutely crucial in preparing our region's workforce for the generational opportunities tied to responsible shale development."

-- David Spigelmyer, president, Marcellus Shale Coalition

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Classes in this new concentration are tailored for professionals in all areas of the energy industry - including oil, natural gas, coal, alternative fuels and nuclear power - who are striving to advance in their careers, as well as those looking to begin working in this field.

"With some of the largest reserves of shale gas in the world, Western Pennsylvania is a hub of natural resources and talent. Our School of Business is uniquely positioned in the center of this hub to address the talent needs of organizations in the energy sector," explained Steve Tanzilli, J.D., director of the M.B.A. program, associate professor and chair of the Department of Management.

A leader in the energy industry, Pennsylvania ranks second in natural gas production and electricity generation from nuclear power and is the fourth largest coal-producing state in the nation, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

"We are absolutely encouraged, as an industry, that so many regional educational institutions - from high schools to community colleges to major universities - are creating and tailoring programs focused on energy-related opportunities," said David Spigelmyer, president of Marcellus Shale Coalition.

"Point Park's program is just the latest example of how collaboration among industry and academia is absolutely crucial in preparing our region's workforce for the generational opportunities tied to responsible shale development," added Spigelmyer.

Courses Offered

Students will follow Point Park's rigorous M.B.A. curriculum, and take the following courses within the new energy concentration:

  • Business of Energy
  • Decision Analysis in Energy
  • Economics of Energy
  • Energy Marketing
  • Risk Management and Safety

"The energy industry is both capital intensive and also very good at understanding investment risk-reward metrics needed to achieve profit targets. Our region will continue to become a major energy hub for natural gas development, transportation, treatment and refining, and thereby generate ongoing need for talented M.B.A. graduates with a strong understanding of the specific drivers that are used by the industry," remarked Rich DiClaudio, CEO, managing partner and co-founder of Blue Tip Energy.

"Additionally, many energy technologies are being developed in the region from AC and DC power and smart grid applications to technologies that make current production more economically and environmentally sustainable. All of the companies developing and commercializing these technologies will need local M.B.A. graduates with the focused energy industry training to help them achieve their organization's goals," added DiClaudio.

Graduate Outcomes

According to Tanzilli, graduates of Point Park's M.B.A. energy concentration program will:

  • Be skilled, knowledgeable and socially responsive leaders in the energy industry
  • Recognize the nature, direction and timing of change in the domestic and global environment, and respond effectively
  • Understand international business and cultures
  • Facilitate team building
  • Manage teams to analyze problems and achieve goals

"Energy production and distribution will continue to grow and thrive in this region for decades to come. Our students will be equipped with the practical skills and tools needed to lead the energy sector in Pennsylvania," remarked Tanzilli.

"As our industry continues to mature, there's increased focus on expanding the region's pipeline infrastructure, which enables more natural gas to move to consumers, industrial users and other major markets. These are substantial projects in many cases, and require a great deal of planning, execution and labor, as well as an ample supply of talented individuals with M.B.A. degrees," said Spigelmyer.

Learn More

Students pursuing an M.B.A. focused in energy can earn their degrees in four semesters, taking classes at Point Park's Downtown Pittsburgh campus and online.

Applicants are being accepted for the spring 2016 semester, beginning Jan.9. Apply online or contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 412-392-3808 or for more information.


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