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Pictured are Point Park students talking with a representative from the Pennsylvania National Guard at an information session on campus. | Photo by Amanda Dabbs

Point Park University's Department of Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies and Career Development Center recently welcomed representatives from the Pennsylvania National Guard on campus to provide students with an information session on ROTC scholarships.

More than 30 students throughout the University attended the session, which provided information on leadership and scholarship opportunities and the overall career benefits of becoming a reserve officer. After the presentation, students had the opportunity to ask questions and meet with the National Guard representatives.

Point Park Hosts National Guard on Campus

"Since the ROTC deals with espionage, covert operations and other intelligence operations, this was a great opportunity for me to gather information on how to gain early experience in my field," said Shawn Jones, a freshman intelligence and national security major.

Gerri White, a junior business management major, also came to the event to learn how the ROTC could help with her career goals. "I'd ultimately like to pursue a career in law because this is the area I'm most passionate about," she said.

According to Gregory Rogers, J.D., professor and chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies, the event gave students great exposure to the different types of scholarship and career opportunities the National Guard offers.

"Students, especially intelligence and national security majors, will be competing for jobs worldwide and public service opportunities like the National Guard can give them a real advantage," explained Rogers.

"I learned a lot about ROTC benefits for college students. It was very informational," remarked Melinda Harrison-Laster, a freshman intelligence and national security major whose career goal is to work for the United Nations.

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