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2016 PPP Lawrence and StacyStudent Spotlights

Ally Stacy
Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Sewickley, Pa.
Campus Activities: Campus Activities Board

Shaniece Lawrence
Major: Biological Sciences
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Campus Activities: Forensic Science Club

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow

As callers in the completely student-staffed Annual Fund phonathon program, Shaniece Lawrence, '18, and Ally Stacy, '18, have fun and make a difference by raising support for their school. Their tenure at the phonathon has not only allowed them to connect with others who love Point Park, but also to increase their personal commitment to the University.

Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management student Ally (left) reflects on how Point Park has enabled her to pursue her dreams and how her experience with the phonathon has given her a fresh perspective on how she will remain connected with her alma mater after graduation. "I loved Point Park before this, but I feel even more connected now. I cannot wait to graduate and have someone call me for my gift! Point Park does a good job of training you in your chosen career path, but also showing you that you can do so much more than just that one thing. Point Park enables me to dream big. I feel like I can do anything really. I am not boxed in anywhere. Everything is open."

Biological Sciences student Shaniece (right) uses her time on the phone to collect wisdom from alumni and friends of the University."[The phonathon] is my favorite job. It's great to talk to alumni who are in your field, ask questions and get great advice."

The Impact of Philanthropy

Every year, Annual Fund dollars allow students like Shaniece and Ally to attend Point Park through essential scholarships and financial aid. This aid was a major contributing factor to Shaniece's decision to attend Point Park. "Not a lot of schools have biological science. Point Park gave me the most financial aid and I wanted to try living in a new city."

Ally has found inspiration in the actions of alumni and friends who support Point Park. "They are excited about giving because they know it makes an impact. Point Park means a lot to people and they want to support it. We, as callers, get to see it all add up, and see how many donors we have acquired. It is amazing how far we have already come!"

Feeling inspired? You can make an even greater impact on the lives of current students and the future of Point Park University by making your gift during the I Heart Point Park Challenge!

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