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The UCC partners with Point Park University’s Clinical-Community Psychology doctoral program to provide quality mental health support to the student community and provide advanced training to doctoral students under the supervision of licensed faculty clinicians.

The UCC is attentive to issues of diversity and equality. We respect and value each person as a unique individual. We offer a safe and supportive space for students who identify as LGBTQ+ to navigate the challenges of exploring and integrating their gender and sexual identities.


Kurt Kumler, Ph.D.
Director of the University Counseling Center | Assistant Professor of Psychology | Licensed Psychologist
Office: 508-O Lawrence Hall
Phone: 412-392-3977

Kurt joined the Point Park community in 2018 to serve a joint position as the Director of the UCC and as an Assistant Professor in Point Park's doctoral program in Clinical-Community Psychology. Kurt has been a licensed clinical psychologist in Pennsylvania since 2007. Prior to joining Point Park University, he served as the director of Carnegie Mellon University Counseling and Psychological Services and has honed his expertise in clinical service structures in higher education and late-adolescent development through clinical and administrative positions at Eastern Kentucky University, The Ohio State University, University of Washington and Duquesne University.

Beth Moore, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of the University Counseling Center| LPC, NCC
Office: 508 Lawrence Hall
Phone: 412-392-3977

Beth joined the Point Park Park community in 2018 to serve as Assistant Director of the University Counseling Center.  Beth is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been working with children, adolescents, and young adults since 2005 in various mental health and school based settings.  Prior to joining Point Park University, Beth worked at Slippery Rock University’s Counseling Center as an adjunct faculty counselor.  In her current position at Point Park, Beth oversees the clinical functioning of the UCC, provides clinical services to students, and delivers outreach and training to the University.

Doctoral Student Therapists

Shacoya Bates, B.S.
Ashley Bobak, M.S.
Francine Caldwell, M.A.
Chelsea Chase, M.A.
Kimberly Champion, B.A.
Brendan Donovan, B.A.
Sarah Edmiston, B.S.
Brandon Graham, M.A.
Anilenia Hernandez, B.A.
Hannah Kitcey, B.S.
Kristine Messmer, M.A.
Jeremy Northup, M.A.
Anne Rinehart, M.A.
Rachel Stough, M.P.H.
Wendy St Myers, M.A.
David Tomaselli, J.D.
Cris Wildman, B.A. 
Anastasia Wilhelm, B.S.
Eric Vogan, M.S., LPC
Alexandra Youssef, B.A.

Intern Therapist

Michelle Niculescu, Ph.D.

Associated Faculty

Jill Thomas, Ph.D.
Matt Allen, Ph.D.
Todd Avellar, Ph.D.