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Preparing the Next Generation of Professionals 

In the profiles featured below, meet some of Point Park University's co-op students and learn the companies and organizations where they landed placements. These students describe how our co-op program — which has a 100 percent employment placement rate — provided them with real-world work experience while helping them to reach their career goals and earn college credits.

Pictured is co-op student Jeremiah Rolon. Photo by Brandy RicheyJeremiah Rolon

Co-op: Box Office Assistant, Pittsburgh Playhouse
Major: Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management

"My co-op at the new Pittsburgh Playhouse consists of selling subscriber tickets, booking groups for group tickets and answering inquiries about the new theater, future productions and ticket needs … The SAEM faculty have been so helpful in ways I did not know I needed help in and gave me opportunities that I never could have even imagined were possible."

Pictured is co-op student Samantha Exler. Photo by Anamika MisraSamantha Exler

Co-op: Entertainment PR Student Associate, The Madison Square Garden Company
Major: Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management

"A huge factor that helped me land this co-op was the SAEM Alternative Spring Break Trip that Professor Teresa Gregory takes us on every spring. When I went my sophomore year, I talked to one of the student associate program directors and learned more about what they do for students."

Pictured is co-op student Charlotte Primrose. Photo by Nick Koehler.Charlotte Primrose

Co-op: Management Intern, Eat'n Park Hospitality Group
Major: Business Management

"I connected with co-op specialist Jessica Hobson. I told her that my dream was to someday open my own restaurant. She worked so hard to find me the right co-op that would allow me to learn everything I could about running a restaurant."

Pictured is co-op student Baylee Zimmerman. Photo by Jared Murphy.Baylee Zimmerman

Co-op: Marketing Intern, Flying Cork (now a full-time marketing coordinator)
Major: Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management

"About halfway through the completion of my co-op program, I was offered a full-time position with Flying Cork upon graduation. I’m currently doing an array of things in my position, from setting up and managing Amazon accounts for clients, to project management for a new client."

Pictured is co-op student Melissa Veneziano. Photo by Brandy Richey.Melissa Veneziano

Co-op: TPA Process Analyst, UPMC Health Plan
Major: Business Management (fully online program)

"When I was registering for spring classes, I learned that I would be able to incorporate my new position at UPMC Health Plan into a co-op experience for six credits. All of the faculty and staff at Point Park have been extremely helpful. When I have questions or need more information, everyone gets back to me within 24 hours."

Pictured is co-op student Jaron Andrechak. Photo by Nick Koehler.Jaron Andrechak

Co-op: Royal Service Supervisor, Fairmont Pittsburgh
Major: Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management

"The co-op program is an amazing experience to have while in school. It will test your limits, but also will give you the chance to be in the professional atmosphere, with the safety net and support of the faculty here at Point Park."

Pictured is co-op student Darnita Holmes. Photo submitted by Holmes.Darnita Holmes

Co-op: Lead Tax Intern, RSM US LLP
Majors: Accounting and Information Technology

"I have incredible professors who I can depend on and everyone from faculty to the student body have helped to push me toward my goals. As a student here, you encounter diversity on so many levels. It's refreshing to be a part of an institution that intentionally encourages this type of environment."

Pictured is co-op student John Lazaro. Photo by Randall Coleman.John Lazaro

Co-op: Marketing Manager, Flying Cork Media
Major: Business Management

"The co-op program in the Rowland School of Business is a great opportunity for students to gain real-world experience while still getting the credits they would if they were in the classroom."

Pictured is co-op student Amber Mole. Photo by Martha Rial.Amber Mole

Co-op: Assurance Intern, PwC
Majors: Accounting and Business Management

"You get a close-up look at what it would be like as a first year associate, because that's the type of assignments they give you. I had the opportunity to work with a peer coach, a career coach and a relationship partner at the firm."

Pictured is co-op student Celina DiPietro. Photo by Chris Rolinson.Celina DiPietro

Co-op: Data Scientist, Othot
Major: Information Technology

"I recommend the co-op program because you get to earn credits and get paid at the same time! Doing co-op helps you get more comfortable with the interviewing process, gives you a lot of experience working full time in an office and looks great on a resume."

Pictured is co-op student Devon Tate. Photo by Randall Coleman.Devon Tate

Co-op: Procurement Specialist, SAP Ariba
Major: Human Resource Management

"It's a great opportunity to gain work experience while getting your education. However, you have to be driven and motivated to effectively balance both work and school. The co-op program is an excellent stepping stone to becoming a real industry professional."