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Your admissions counselor is …

Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins

Admissions Counselor, Office of Graduate Admission

Contact Information:

Point Park University
Office of Graduate Admission
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

About Tom...

Education: B.S. in Secondary Education, Clarion University
Tom's office is located at: 101 Thayer Hall
Tom joined Point Park's Graduate Office in 2018
Tom assists students interested in the following programs: M.A. Adult Learning and Training, M.A. Communication Technology, M.A. in Environmental Journalism, M.A. Media Communications, M.A. in Public Relations and AdvertisingConcurrent MBA/Media Communication, M.S. Engineering Management, M.S. Environmental Studies, M.F.A. in Writing for the Screen and Stage.
Tom's thoughts on Point Park: I’m happy to be with Point Park University because it’s a high-quality university that offers a lot of different and exciting programs. I enjoy working with the vibrant student body here. It’s also a university that is growing a lot which makes it an exciting place to be right now. There’s a lot happening here! The downtown campus is a great place to work and spend time, too.