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Point Park University creates a summer experience unlike any other. Our mission is to meet the educational and enrichment needs of our community while providing a safe, engaging, and meaningful learning environment. Point Park provides opportunities for you or your child to continue growing during the summer months.

Yes, returning students must complete a new application each year they attend a program. If you still have your Point Park University ID Card, please make sure to bring it with you.

A daily attendance sheet is kept on all participants who attend our programs. Upon arrival, a staff member will take roll and make sure all students are accounted for. If a student must leave during programming, they will need to notify Heidi Ward or Michael Shahen.

The Department of Public Safety is at work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide a safe, secure living and learning environment for the University community. Police officers patrol University owned buildings in well-marked vehicles, on foot and on bicycles, maintaining high visibility throughout the area. The Point Park dispatch center has more than 400 surveillance cameras, which are monitored by full-time dispatchers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A valid Point Park University ID card is required for campus access. All residence entrances are locked 24 hours per day and require an ID card with allotted access. All ID cards, including those for residence halls, are controlled and issued by the Department of Public Safety.

Point Park University does not own a parking lot. However, the City of Pittsburgh has parking lots directly across from the University and within walking distance.

  • Blvd. of the Allies Lot: $13 all day - Directly across the street from the University
  • Third Avenue Garage: $16 all day - Directly across the street from the University
  • Mon Wharf parking: $10 all day - Two blocks from the University
  • Station Square: $8 per day – 10 min walk from University (recommended choice)
  • Weekend parking rate throughout the city is usually $6 per day
  • North Shore Parking - $6 all day, T-Service free from North Shore to Downtown is free 

Free “T” service (light rail transit/subway) is available between Downtown Pittsburgh and North Shore destinations. The closest station to Point Park is located at Gateway Center and

For maps and drop-offs of Port Authority Buses and "T" services, visit:

Yes, there are numerous ATMs located across campus.