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Alumni Profile: Scott Shaw

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

School of Business graduate Scott Shaw stands inside the Eastside Cannery casino in Las Vegas, Nev., where his employer's software is in use. | Photo courtesy of Scott Shaw

Meet Scott Shaw

Major and degrees earned: Webmaster Certificate, 2001; M.B.A., 2002
Occupation and current employer: Team/Product Lead for Tech Results, Inc., whose clients include casino companies.
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Now living in: Las Vegas

Why did you choose to attend Point Park?

I wanted to attend a school that would be more hands-on and realistic rather than a school with a major concentration on theory.

How did Point Park help you prepare for your career?

Point Park provided a window into some diverse subjects.  The opportunity to experience different avenues of business definitely contributed to strength and cognitive skills required to succeed in a leadership role.

What was the most beneficial experience at Point Park?

There are many to choose, but I feel the best overall experience was the opportunity to meet and discuss the "real" business world with the instructors.  Whether they were a doctor or a leader of business in their own arena, they all had valuable advice based on their own experiences and they were more than willing to share them.

What is your favorite memory at Point Park?

The opportunity to hang out in the city between classes. Whether it was ice skating or just grabbing a Primanti's sandwich and going to Point State Park, the location of the campus provided an opportunity to "recharge" between classes.

What advice do you have for today's students?

There is so much I can say but the decision making process comes to mind more than most. Never feel (or worse, think) that you know everything.  You don't. You won't.  Avoid knee-jerk reactions at all costs.  Be sure to take in all the facts or possibilities regardless of the situation.  Then attempt to explore more than one successful avenue when deciding on a solution.  With time, you will be able to make many successful decisions and some will become second nature. Always remember to listen to your peers rather than waiting for them to stop talking so that you can announce your thoughts. Not knowing everything is fun.  It provides the challenge that everyone should love to feel inside when it comes to your career.  When the challenge is absent, it's time to find a new career.

Photo courtesy of Scott Shaw


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