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Community Facilitators

Leading the Living and Learning Communities

Community facilitators — casually called CFs — are upper level students (often sophomores and juniors) who have been hired because of their maturity, social skills and desire to mentor freshmen on first year experience floors and guide students through their first year at school.

Trained to help freshmen with conflict/dispute resolution skills, self-assessment skills, and academic persistence, CFs are also around to help make some freshman-year difficulties easier to handle (roommate adjustments, possible homesickness, college-level study skills, etc.).  CFs are a resource for the new students living on the FYE floors.

CFs and the freshmen on their floors work together to create activities and events that "promote the values and life skills that are the hallmarks of an educated citizen" — in other words, activities and events that will help students be well-rounded outside of the classroom.  Activities range from museum and historical site visits to fun and funny floor activities like movie nights and fall festival trips.

2014-2015 Community Facilitators

3rd Floor Thayer

Katie Holroyd

4th Floor Thayer - The Honors Floor LLC

Justin Schilling

5th Floor Thayer - All Female Floor LLC

Destiny Medina 

6th Floor Thayer

Zane Wagner 

7th Floor Thayer - All Things Pittsburgh LLC

Madeline Miller

8th Floor Thayer - Writer's Colony

Sierra Barnett

9th Floor Lawrence 

Julia Fisch

10th Floor Lawrence- Silver Screen LLC

Troy Martin 

11th Floor Lawrence

Allison Geroche

12th Floor Lawrence - Art for Art's Sake LLC

Syrah Sherwood

13th Floor Lawrence

Hailey Turek

14th Floor Lawrence - For the Record LLC

Gabe Dubin 

15th Floor Lawrence 

Abigail Cagle

16th Floor Lawrence - Global Perspectives LLC

Jordan Durham