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Transfer Student Contracts

Transfer Students: Housing and Meal Plan Contract

For new transfer students

  • All new transfer students who plan to live on campus must completely fill out the Housing and Meal Plan Contract (below).  You must complete these to participate in room selection. 

IMPORTANT: Please review the Housing and Food Service Terms and Conditions.

About the residence halls

  • Lawrence Hall is NOT air conditioned.  Thayer Hall IS air conditioned.  If you require an air conditioner for medical reasons, you will be placed in Thayer Hall, which is air conditioned.  You must provide proof of your condition. 

  • If requesting a single room, proof of a medical condition must be submitted under separate cover.  If the proper paperwork is not submitted, your contract will not be processed.  No late paperwork will be accepted.  Medical condition documentation must be submitted to:

    Point Park University
    Health Services
    201 Wood Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222

  • If you require accommodations per the Americans with Disabilities Act, please submit the appropriate documentation to:

    Patricia Boykin
    Point Park University
    Program For Academic Success
    201 Wood Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222

  • Point Park University and its facilities are smoke-free.

Residence Halls and 2015-2016 Costs Per Semester

Lawrence Hall Single Room $3,700 Per semester
Lawrence Hall Double Room: $2,500 Per Semester
Lawrence Hall Triple Room: $2,270 Per Semester
Pioneer Suites: $3,890 Per Semester
Conestoga Suites: $3,890 Per Semester
Boulevard Apartments Two Bedrooms:  $4,230 Per Semester
Boulevard Apartments Three Bedrooms: $4,130 Per semester

Learn more about Point Park's residence halls

2015-2016 Meal Plan Options and Costs Per Semester for
Pioneer Hall, Conestoga Hall and Boulevard Apartment Residents

All residents must purchase a meal plan EXCEPT for Boulevard Apartment residents who may opt in or out of a meal plan.

75 block meal plan with $200 Flex dollars (any 75 meals per semester): $890 per semester
50 block meal plan with $200 Flex dollars (any 50 meals per semester): $690 per semester
30 block meal plan with $200 Flex dollars (any 30 meals per semester): $520 per semester
$400 Flex Dollars: $400 per semester

2015-2016 Meal Plan Options and Costs Per Semester for Lawrence Hall Residents

Lawrence Hall residents MUST purchase the 10- or 14-meal per week plan.  Lawrence Hall residents CANNOT participate in one of the lesser plans above.

14 meal per week plan with $200 Flex dollars:  $2,810 per semester
10 meal per week plan with $275 Flex dollars: $2,630 per semester
Flex dollar amounts are subject to change.

How the meal plans work

  • Enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Lawrence Hall Dining Room.
  • Receive a set number of meals per week. Each time you eat in the Lawrence Hall Dining Room, one meal is subtracted from your weekly meal allowance.
  • Use a meal exchange in the Point Café during breakfast, dinner or late night (cannot be used for lunch).
  • Flex dollars work like a bank debit card: each time you make a food purchase, the total is subtracted from the balance in your account.
    - Flex dollars supplement weekly meal allowance and can be used in all of our food service locations:
              Lawrence Hall Dining Room
              Point Café
              Premieres at the Pittsburgh Playhouse

Find out more about Dining on campus and Meal Plans, or visit Campus Dish for food service hours of operation, menus, Bison Bucks and more. 

New Transfer Student Contract

First Name:
Last Name:
Gender:Male Female
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
Point Park ID No:
Cell Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx):
Home Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx):
E-mail Address:
Permanent Home Address:
Zip Code:
County (e.g. Allegheny County):
Name of Parent or Legal Guardian:
Relationship to Student:
Parent or Legal Guardian Phone Number

Residence Hall Selection

Room Selection: 

Lawrence Hall Single Room
Lawrence Hall Double Room
Lawrence Hall Triple Room
Pioneer Suites
Conestoga Suites
Boulevard Apartments Two Bedrooms
Boulevard Apartments Three Bedrooms

I require air conditioning and/or a single room for medical reasons:Yes No

Select Your Meal Plan

Meal Plan Selection:  

75 Block Meal Plan with $200 Flex
50 Block Meal Plan with $200 Flex
30 Block Meal Plan with $200 Flex
$400 Flex Dollars
14 + $200 Flex
10 + $275 Flex
Blvd. Apt Resident Opting Out


i have read, understand and agree to abide by the provisions of this contract as explained in the Housing and Food Service Terms and Conditions Yes
The student submitting this contract electronically shall be held responsible to all of the terms and conditions of the contract and all university policies. Yes

Print a Copy for Your Records

A copy of this contract and questionnaire for your records before submitting the form.  Select File from the menu, choose Print Preview, and then click on the Print icon