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Online Writing Tutoring/PAS


Online Writing Tutoring through the Program for Academic Success (PAS) provides feedback for specific questions and concerns.  The student using online writing tutoring should be prepared to engage in a dialogue with a professional tutor using email.  PAS does not edit or proofread student papers.

Get the Most out of Online Writing Tutoring

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to write your paper.  You want to allow yourself enough time to get a response from the tutor and, if necessary, ask further questions and get additional responses.
  • Response time will be within 24 hours for mail received Monday through Thursday.  Response time will be within 48 to 72 hours for mail received Friday afternoon through Sunday night.
  • Explain your assignment as fully as possible.  The more the tutor knows about what you are working on, the more the tutor can help you.
  • Expect to be an active participant in the tutoring process.  It is your assignment.  The tutor is simply providing feedback for your questions.

How to Use Online Writing Tutoring

  • Type your writing assignment and/or questions and save as a Word document.
  • Send an email to onlinewriting@pointpark.edu and be certain to include the following information:
                  1. your name and student number
                  2. the class you are writing the paper for
                  3. a brief description of the assignment you are completing
                  4. a brief explanation of the sort of feedback you need regarding the paper – for
                     instance, are you concerned with organization? with clarity? with support?
                    with grammar and usage? documentation?
  • Once you have completed the form, attach your document to the email.  You will receive a response within the time frame indicated above.  You may include the text of the paper in the body of the email if you prefer, rather than as an attachment.