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Personal Essay for Admission

Where Do I Send My Essay, Activities Sheet or Resume?

  • Documents can be emailed to enroll@pointpark.edu.  
  • Preferred formats:  PDF or MS Word.
  • Be sure to include your name and email address on the document.

These items may also be mailed to:

Point Park University
Office of Admissions
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Remember to include your first and last name on your submission(s).

Personal Essay Guidelines: 

  • All applicants are encouraged to submit a personal essay with their application for admissions.
  • Your essay does not have to be minimum or maximum length.
  • All applicants EXCEPT for dance, theatre arts, cinema production, digital arts and screenwriting MUSTsubmit a personal essay to be considered for departmental scholarships.

Essay topics can be whatever you choose including:

  • Writing samples (this includes school work)
  • A life-changing experience, or
  • Anything that you believe will help the Admissions Committee gain a better understanding of you.

Personal essay guidelines for department scholarship consideration are as follows:

School of Business

School of Business faculty review applicants for scholarships using the applicants' high school or college academic performance (GPA and SAT and/or ACT results) as determining factors for awarding scholarships. Submission of a personal essay is also encouraged.

Conservatory of Performing Arts

The applicant’s audition (dance, acting, or musical theatre) or interview (stage management, technical theatre/design, cinema production, digital arts, and screenwriting programs) is used as criteria for awarding a Conservatory department scholarship and/or apprenticeship. Submission of a personal essay is encouraged but IS NOT taken into consideration in determining artistic acceptance into the candidate's Conservatory program of choice.

School of Communication

To be considered for a department scholarship, School of Communication applicants must submit the following:

  • 10 or less nonreturnable samples of their writing, or broadcast, or advertising, public relations or photography work.
  • An essay about their department major choice:
    • Advertising
    • Broadcasting Reporting
    • Journalism
    • Mass Communication (interdisciplinary)
    • Multimedia
    • Photography
    • Photojournalism
    • Public Relations
    • Radio-TV (production and programming)

Journalism faculty also takes into consideration applicants’ prior journalistic experience.

School of Arts and Sciences - Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies

Department applicants must submit an essay about their major of choice:

  • Criminal justice
  • Intelligence and national security, OR
  • Forensic science

The faculty pays particular attention to the essay which should include the future career goals of the student.

School of Arts and Sciences - Education Department

To be considered for a department scholarship, Education department applicants must submit the following:

  • An essay about the education major choice, or...
  • A person or situation that has most influenced the direction of their life

Education faculty takes into consideration applicants’ extracurricular activities as they relate to preparing for teacher excellence.

School of Arts and Sciences - Humanities and Human Sciences

Humanities and Human Sciences department faculty awards department scholarships based on the following criteria:

  • Previous academic excellence
  • Outstanding achievement in support of or beyond usual academic endeavors
  • Submitted essays/writing samples
  • Distinction in societal or community contributions, and 
  • Evidence of originality and creativity

School of Arts and Sciences - Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology

To be considered for a Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology departmental scholarship, department faculty will carefully review the following:

  • Applicants’ academic records
  • Personal essay
  • Letters of reference/recommendation (three minimum)