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School of Communication


School of Communication

Cindy Jenko, assistant to the chair
Email: cjenko@pointpark.edu
Office phone: 412-392-4743
Office: 1004 Thayer Hall

Janice Klembus, director of academic administration
Email: jklembus@pointpark.edu
Office phone: 412-392-4733
Office: 1002 Thayer Hall

Nan Knapp, administrative assistant
Email: nknapp@pointpark.edu
Office phone: 412-392-4730
Office: 1000 Thayer Hall

Gina Puppo, M.A., web content editor
Email: gpuppo@pointpark.edu
Office phone: 412-392-3417
Office: 1004 Thayer Hall

Career Counseling

Elsie Boucek, career counselor for the School of Communication
Email: eboucek@pointpark.edu
Office phone: 412-392-8156
Office: 708 Lawrence Hall