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Master's in Special Education


As part of their course work, Point Park education majors observe how Watson Institute teachers work with pre-school students who have special needs.
As part of their course work, Point Park special education majors observe how teachers at The Watson Institute work with
preschool students who have special needs

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Pictured is J. Kaye Cupples, associate professor of special education.
Associate Professor J. Kaye Cupples, Ph.D., has an extensive background in special education.

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Feature Story

The Hallahan family (from left), Tim, Sean and Diane, at home in Pittsburgh.
Young adults with disabilities experience campus life at Point Park.

Downtown Pittsburgh's Graduate Program in Special Education

Point Park University's 36-credit master's degree in special education program leading to Pennsylvania certification is designed for educators who want to increase their marketability and prepare more fully to meet the challenges of today’s inclusive schools. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Education regulations now require that certification in special education be obtained as a dual certificate. That means that those individuals pursuing the Pre-K through grade 8 special education certification will need to have elementary certification and those seeking the 7th through 12th grade special education certification will need to hold secondary certification. 

Point Park’s program enables all certified teachers to earn a Master of Education degree, while pursuing one of the two special education certifications. The master's degree in special education program is designed to enhance the skills of all teachers and provide a new means for teachers to acquire additional credits needed to obtain Level 2 certification.

The M.Ed. in special education degree program is structured to fit the needs of classroom teachers and other professionals, with classes offered both on evenings and on Saturdays. Students select a focus of Pre-Kindergarten through grade 8, or grades 7 through 12.

Master's of Special Education Degrees Offered

The following degrees are offered in this graduate program in special education:

Special Education Graduate Course Offerings

Some of the courses in the master's of special education graduate program include:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Special Education Inclusive Practices
  • Instructional/Assistive Technology and Universal Design
  • Differentiated Instructional Practices
  • Student Practicum Experience

For a comprehensive list of program requirements and course descriptions, see the links to the program guides and course descriptions at the top of the page.

Tuition discount

Students are eligible for Point Park’s tuition discount being offered for all certificate and master's degree education programs. This tuition discount is approximately 47 percent below the standard rate for master's degree programs and 41 percent below the standard rate for certificate programs.

New and returning education certificate and master's degree students will receive this lower tuition rate as follows:

  • Discounted cost per credit: $454
  • Discounted cost for a three-credit class: $1,362

For more details on tuition and fees at Point Park for 2015-16, please visit our tuition and fees page.

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