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Freshmen Program Guides

Point Park University's Core Curriculum 

Students must complete 42 credits of general education courses, known as the Core Curriculum, in order to graduate. The philosophical foundation that supports the implementation of the Core Curriculum stems directly from the Point Park University mission statement. The purpose of the mission and the Core Curriculum is to educate students in a diverse urban environment and prepare them to apply knowledge to achieve their goals, advance their professions, and serve their communities. Therefore, the Core Curriculum offers each Point Park student the opportunity to be prepared to function as an independent learner, to work and live a society characterized by diversity and change, and to communicate correctly and effectively. The Core Curriculum addresses the purpose, mission and intended outcomes of Point Park University.

Beginning in the fall of 2014 all first-time, full-time freshmen will begin a new Core Curriculum. These freshmen will complete the following three fundamentals courses in their first year:

  • UNIV 101: City-University Life
  • ENGL 101: College Composition
  • COMM 101: Oral Communication and Presentation

Students will complete Core Curriculum requirements by taking courses to improve skills in the following areas: communication, information literacy, problem solving, global/cultural literacy and creativity/aesthetics. Remaining core courses of the 33 credits will be determined based on these core competencies as describe above.

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