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Luke Ravenstahl

Mayor, Pittsburgh, PA

"Point Park's expansion comes at a ripe time for Pittsburgh's continued growth and brings us one step closer to my vision of a 24 hour city.  With the resurgence of Market Square and more than $3 billion dollars of investment pouring into the golden triangle, their aggressive plan will move this City to the next level."

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County Executive Dan Onorato

Dan Onorato

Allegheny County Chief Executive

"Point Park University has become a strong partner in the redevelopment and resurgence of Downtown Pittsburgh. As the University grows, it adds new vibrancy and activity to the Golden Triangle. I want to congratulate and thank Point Park's administrators, faculty, staff and students for helping to make Downtown a great place."

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Wayne Fontana

State Senator

Point Park University's plans for the expansion of their campus will be a tremendous asset for Pittsburgh by bringing diversity to a new and exciting downtown neighborhood. Involving all of the stakeholders in this process has assured that there is something for every constituency in their future development.


taorminaJohn Taormina

BA '00, MBA '01,
President, Alumni Association Board of Directors

“This is an exciting time for both students and alumni of Point Park University.  We need to take great pride in Point Park’s rich history of academic excellence while supporting its efforts to ensure continued growth for future generations of students and the region.”


James E. Rohr

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

"A vibrant, exciting core spreads success to the entire region, and Point Park University will play a big role in making Downtown Pittsburgh an attractive, 24-hour neighborhood."


avflemmingv1Kimberly T. Fleming

CFA® President, Hefren-Tillotson, Inc.

"As a regional company with Downtown headquarters, I am thrilled that Point Park University has made the commitment to invest in Downtown Pittsburgh. The creation of an ‘urban academic village' will not only attract the best and brightest students, it will help redefine the Golden Triangle for all who live and work in the area."