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School of Arts and Sciences

Confluence Psychology Alliance

A Special Interest Group of the
American Psychological Association's
Division 32, Humanistic Psychology

Always fighting apathy!

Confluence is an undergraduate humanistic psychology alliance that offers a place for multiplicity and diversity of thought, community, friendship and pro-action/activist outreach. We are open to all majors — all those interested in the psychological life of fiction, film, dance, politics, music, philosophy and everything else under the sun. We are unapologetic about our intellectual pursuits and unabashedly passionate!

Confluence embraces the belief in interparticipatory and interdisciplinary experiences and exchanges.  We imagine all students as themselves points of confluence — drawn to learn, engage, relate and change.   

Robert McInerney, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology and
Founder/Advisor of Confluence

McInerney advisor

Check out Professor McInerney's faculty video.

Christina Wisniewski
Chair of Confluence
Confluence government

I am a junior psychology major at Point Park University. I want to work with kids in the future and hope to open my own equine assisted therapy ranch for those with special needs. I am also the representative-at-large for the Honors Program and was on the executive board my freshman and sophomore years. I am on the cross country team as well, which is a very rewarding sport that requires a lot of dedication to running. I enjoy being involved with the University and bringing forth new ideas. I also love volunteering in the community and helping others. I am excited to become one of the chairs for Confluence and I hope to bring new activities to the group that will contribute to Point Park and the community.

Calla Kainaroi

Co-Chair of Confluence

Confluence government

I am a junior psychology major here at Point Park University and cannot wait to become more involved with Confluence! I currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pa. with my beloved Betta fish, Yanni. I am very interested in traveling and plan to go on to graduate school with hopes of obtaining a Ph.D. in the field of psychology. I'm still unsure as to what, exactly, I would like to do, but am also very interested in getting involved with the community. My goal this year, both personally, and for the students of Point Park, is to really leave an impact on our neighboring Pittsburgh community. I feel it is extremely important to reach out to the community and to seek more involvement from others. I am very excited for the opportunity to organize events, hold lecture and help make Confluence thrive.

Hana Valle

Co-Chair of Confluence

Confluence gov

I am a sophomore psychology and global cultural studies double major. Last year I participated in a Queer Theory panel we loosely titled "Queering the University." I learned so much from the selected reading we were assigned as well as the personal experiences and opinions of everyone who participated. I hope this year to continue talking about Queering the University and helping to start a "Safe Zone" here on campus. In five years, I plan on being a very busy graduate student working towards a Ph.D. in forensic psychology. Originally, I am from Florida but have also lived in South Carolina, Massachusetts and most recently, Hawaii. I haven't had the opportunity to travel outside of the United States yet but I hope to make use of Point Park’s study abroad program soon as well as participate in volunteer abroad summer programs. In my free time you can usually find me reading anything and everything at the closest Starbucks and my dream is to spend as much time as possible exploring Ireland.

Keri Rouse

Administrator of Confluence

Confluence government

I am a senior interdisciplinary designed major with concentrations in communication and psychology. This major has allowed me to take a variety of courses in journalism, advertising, psychology and global cultural studies which will provide me with the writing, design and critical thinking skills to pursue my future career goals.

In my spare time, I run for and am captain of Point Park’s cross country team. I am an active member of the Honors Student Organization at Point Park and have served on the executive board since freshman year. Through the Honors Program, I have participated in and planned volunteer activities in the Pittsburgh area and presented work at the Northeast Regional Honors Conference. I look forward to my senior year and learning through my involvement with the Confluence Psychology Alliance.

Sarah Przbyla
 Treasurer of Confluence
Confluence govt

I am a senior psychology major at Point Park University. I grew up in Massachusetts, but have lived in Pittsburgh for the last four years. It took me a few other majors to finally establish a major in psychology. In the future, I plan on continuing schooling up through my Ph.D. I would like to work with children in a clinical setting. I am also really interested in working with people in the community. My hope is that I can help Confluence reach more students this year with the events we create. I would also like to bring some of our efforts to the streets of Pittsburgh and do more community service work.

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Interested in being a member of Confluence?

Contact Faculty Advisor Robert McInerney, Ph.D., at rmcinerney@pointpark.edu.

* Point Park University is located in Downtown Pittsburgh near the confluence of three rivers (Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers). Confluence means “with flow” or “streaming together” and describes both a place as well as continuous change. As streams come together they are momentarily both individual and undivided; they are never static, never simply one or many. The interstice of self with other within the University is the point of confluence.  And so, we imagine all students as temporary points of confluence drawn to learn, engage, relate and change.   

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