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College Now Program

Creating a Pathway to College

Opportunity meets mentorship in the College Now program at Point Park University. Through this program, students at participating high schools have the opportunity to earn college credits while education majors at Point Park serve as mentors to these students. College Now participants can also seek guidance and support from Point Park faculty and advisors.

This dual enrollment program enables qualifying students to earn up to 30 credits at a significantly reduced tuition rate during their junior or senior years of high school. As a result, families save thousands of dollars in college tuition. High school students who are interested in majoring in education will be given admissions preference into the program.

Pictured is Stanley Denton, Ph.D., assistant professor of education.
Associate Professor of Education Stanley Denton, Ph.D.,
speaks with families
at a College Now orientation.

Types of Classes

College Now students have taken introductory classes in a wide variety of subjects including business, economics, English, natural sciences, government, history, speech communications, journalism, mathematics, political science, psychology and sociology.

Participating Schools

The following schools have participated in the program:

Program Impact

Research suggests that dual enrollment programs increase the likelihood of students who had not anticipated obtaining a bachelor’s degree, graduating with one.

Currently, the matriculation rate for the College Now program is at 92 percent. Moreover, approximately two out of three students persist through the College Now program through the last semester of their senior year of high school.

Overall benefits for students enrolled in Point Park’s College Now program include increased confidence in college success, increased motivation to attend college, and improved academic performance in high school. Students have also reported that participation in the program has helped them make a smooth transition to college.

Pictured is Keith Paylo, dean of Student Affairs and dean of Students.
Pictured above is Keith Paylo, Point Park University
dean of Student Affairs and dean of Students.

Feedback from Students

Since 2009, approximately 50 students have completed the College Now program at Point Park. Below is a sampling of the feedback received from students who completed the program.

“Participation in the program gave me an opportunity to progress in my future and gain a head start on my college credits. I saw it as a once in a lifetime chance that I should take advantage of in order to prepare for my freshman year.”

“Being a high school student in the College Now program exposed me to greater responsibilities such as being on my own and not having someone guide me every step of the way.”

“The courses have prepared me for college.”

“The College Now program lessens the burden of paying more tuition.”

Learn More

Point Park welcomes inquiries from school districts interested in participating in the College Now program.

For more information about the College Now program, contact Stanley Denton, Ph.D., education department, at 412-392-3984 or sdenton@pointpark.edu or Deb Bateman, enrollment management department, at 412-392-3433 or dbateman@pointpark.edu.

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