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Student Life

The four most memorable years of your life.

It's years of hard study. It's individual attention and encouragement. It's securing the dream of a fulfilling future. But the years spent here are much more than just about the work that goes into getting a diploma.

At Point Park, students find the ingredients that help make these years the most memorable years of their lives. It's the passionate, artistic environment — from faculty who encourage individualism to the abundance of stimulating classes and extracurricular activities. It's the close friendships students develop and keep long after graduation. It's the dynamic and diverse urban environment that surrounds the campus and offers endless opportunities. It's having all the right ingredients to provide students with the unforgettable memories of what it took to get there.

Video: Point Park students explore Pittsburgh

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Featured Department

Office of Judicial Affairs

The Office of Judicial Affairs is responsible for establishing and administrating the Student Code of Conduct. Point Park strives to engage students to become civic-minded citizens who positively contribute to society. In keeping with this spirit, we are committed to upholding the University’s community standards.


Sept Feature - Judicial Affairs