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Staff and Administrative Positions



Open Position(s)

Date Posted

Status of Search

Assistant to the Chair, Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management (reposted) 10/30/2014 OPEN
Admission Data Manager 10/28/2014 OPEN
Police Corporal 10/24/2014 OPEN

Vice Provost/Dean of Faculty

10/22/2014 OPEN
Public Safety Dispatcher 10/28/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED (10/30/2014)
Recruitment Coordinator 10/10/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED (10/20/2014)
Managing Director of Development 09/12/2014 ON HOLD
Enrollment Information Analyst (see Admission Data Manager) 09/12/2014 CLOSED
Director of Operations 09/04/2014 FILLED
Project Manager 09/04/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED (09/22/2014)
Student Accounts Specialist 08/25/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED (09/04/2014)
Campus Police Officer (Full Time) 08/21/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED (09/08/2014)
Administrative Assistant - President's Office 06/20/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED
Executive Director, Pittsburgh Council of Higher Education (PCHE) 05/13/2014 FILLED
Director of Center for Student Success 03/21/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED



Open Position(s)

Date Posted

Status of Search

Coordinator of Student Conduct (Part Time) 10/21/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED (10/30/2014)
Dispatcher (Part Time - reposted) 10/09/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED (10/30/2014)

Social Media & Digital Content Intern - Must be a current Point Park student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree to apply

09/16/2014 FILLED
Campus Police Officer (Part Time) 08/21/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED (09/08/2014)
Student Records Clerk IV - Union (Part Time - reposted) 08/14/2014 APPLICATIONS CLOSED (09/02/2014)
Driver (Part Time - reposted) 04/01/2014 OPEN