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School of Business

M.B.A. in Global Management and Administration


Pictured is a photo of international flags in front of a corporate building.

Earn an M.B.A. in Global Management at Pittsburgh's Only Downtown University

As industries delve more intensely into global operations and corporations take their businesses across borders, the need for graduates with an international business M.B.A. focus is more important than ever.

Point Park University's 36-credit Global Management and Administration M.B.A. degree prepares professionals for a more global, ever-changing, dynamic marketplace. This program gives students a thorough understanding of global business theories as well as the opportunity to engage in real-world, international business practices. Students become well-equipped to keep up with the current realities and demands unfolding in the global marketplace.

Our M.B.A. in global management is conveniently located in Downtown Pittsburgh. This degree program offers domestic and international students with the unique opportunity to work closely with the Pittsburgh corporate community and connect with our successful M.B.A. alumni working at various Fortune 100 companies such as the Bank of New York Mellon, PNC, UPMC and Highmark. In addition, Point Park has international students from approximately 35 countries on its campus. Therefore, our M.B.A. students have the invaluable opportunity to take courses and interact with many international colleagues in small classroom settings.

Graduates from Point Park University and other domestic and international institutions are invited to consider the Global Management and Administration M.B.A. degree. Point Park is the only university in the tri-state area to offer an M.B.A. in global management.

Global Management M.B.A. Course Offerings

Some of the courses offered in the Global Management and Administration M.B.A. program include:

  • Global Environment of Business
  • International Organizations
  • International Economics
  • International Law
  • International Finance
  • International Politics
  • Cultures of International Business
  • International Marketing
  • Managing the Multinational Enterprise

Courses are offered on weeknights with most classes offered in a 15-week format. Additional delivery formats may be used.

To learn more about the courses offered, check out the program guide.

    Global Management M.B.A. Program Objectives

    Some of the objectives for the Global Management and Administration M.B.A. program include:

    • Formulate knowledgeable and socially responsive global leadership skills for businesses and other institutions operating in the global arena
    • Recognize the nature, direction and timing of change and of forces in both the domestic and global business environments, and respond to these effectively
    • Develop a more thorough understanding of global business and cultures
    • Manage global teams to analyze global issues and achieve goals

    To view the complete list of the objectives, visit page two of the program guide.


      Contact the Graduate and Adult Enrollment Office at 412-392-3808 or ptenroll@pointpark.edu.