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School of Business

M.B.A. Degree in Pittsburgh

Watch this video to learn more about Point Park University's M.B.A. program in Pittsburgh.



Downtown Pittsburgh's M.B.A. Program

Advance professionally in your career with a Master of Business Administration degree from Point Park University, Pittsburgh's only Downtown University.

Offering one of the top M.B.A. programs in Pittsburgh, Point Park is situated in the very heart of the major corporate, service and cultural hub of Downtown. Our M.B.A. program has small classes taught by faculty who back up their academic teachings with real-world experience. 

Accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), Point Park's 36-credit M.B.A. program will fit into your busy life and schedule. Core courses are offered on both Saturdays and weeknights. Saturday courses generally run from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Courses offered weeknights generally run from 6 to 10 p.m.

M.B.A. Degree Concentrations

Regardless of the delivery format selected, the Point Park M.B.A. curriculum consists of eight core courses, followed by four courses in your choice of one of five concentrations:

  • Health Systems Management — Offered on weeknights in the summer
  • International Business — Offered on weeknights in summer, fall and spring
  • Management — Offered on Saturdays in the summer and weeknights in summer and fall
  • Management Information Systems — Offered on weeknights in the summer

  • Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management — Offered on weeknights in the summer

Flexible Delivery Formats

Choose a delivery format that fits your life and schedule.

Accelerated M.B.A.

Degree completion in as little as 12 months

Available on Saturdays, this track is perfect for students with a business undergraduate degree and work experience. You can anticipate a fast-paced program that will build upon your education and work — with 28 hours in the classroom and 14 hours in equivalent instructional activities outside the classroom.

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Fast Track M.B.A.

Degree completion in as little as 16 months

Interested in adding a business graduate degree to a communications undergrad or other non-business undergrad degree? The fast track program alternates between quantitative courses taken in the traditional 15-week format (accounting and corporate finance) and qualitative courses (marketing, organizational behavior, etc.) in a fast-track format. It's a comprehensive format that provides more in-class time for optimum comprehension of quantitative subjects but still offers some acceleration with the course design. 

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Traditional M.B.A.

Degree completion in as little as four academic semesters or two years

This traditional M.B.A. delivery format is a practical option for working professionals whose lives are a balance of career, family and graduate study. It's also ideal for international students

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Questions About Our M.B.A. Program?

Contact the Office of Graduate and Adult Enrollment at 412-392-3808 or ptenroll@pointpark.edu.