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Living on campus puts you front and center for college experiences both in and out of the classroom — from community activities like field trips, film series and faculty speakers to open mic events and impromptu fun on your floor.  Living on campus also offers you more time to interact with staff and faculty, who can provide invaluable personal guidance, career guidance, career connections and leadership opportunities.

Residence Halls, Suites, Apartments

Point Park University’s residence halls offer students a dynamic living and learning environment in the urban setting of Downtown Pittsburgh. With many different living options — from single, double and triple rooms to suites and apartment accommodations — you’re bound to have a great on-campus living experience.

All University buildings, including residence halls and apartments, are smoke free. 

Thayer Hall has spacious rooms for first year students with community bathrooms and air conditioning. Photo by John McKeith.

Check out the Campus Map to see where each residence hall is located — you'll be living in the midst of all the action, right in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Built-in Support System

Community facilitators (for freshmen floors) and community mentors (for sophomore halls) are upper class students who have been selected based upon their level of maturity, social skills and desire to serve the University community. We call them CFs and CMs. These students are around to help freshmen adjust to college life and to provide support for sophomores. 


Did You Know?


One Room and Board Payment,
No Worries

All on-campus residents are provided with the amenities students expect and need, including:

• Ethernet service, providing direct access to the Internet, email and online campus resources (for classes, study groups, library resources)
• Cable TV
• Furniture and beds
• Appliances (in certain halls)
• Utilities (water, electricity, gas)
• Laundry facilities — free (as part of your contract)
• Security 24/7/365

If you live off campus, you’ll need to arrange and individually pay for these things (they can be costly and probably won’t be included in your rent).