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Alumni Conversation

We want to know what you think.

Regardless of when you graduated, there are “classmates” you never met.  Many of your classmates lived on campus as traditional undergraduate students. Others commuted, some transferred in their sophomore year, and yet others were adult learners who worked full time completing their degrees after years of dogged determination.

Same university – different experiences.

To help us plan for the future, Point Park wants to talk to alumni about their educational experiences.

In June 2011, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education reaccredited Point Park.  Even before the reaccreditation process was completed, the University began to look ahead.  It initiated a process to identify the educational experiences and curricula that students graduating by 2020 should expect to receive.

Formally titled the Point Park 2020: Mission Delivery Project, it has come to be known simply as Point Park 2020.

The University has initiated an extensive series of conversations to engage all members of its community – faculty, students, staff and alumni to address six fundamental questions:

  1. What is the definition of an educated person?
  2. What should a graduate know and be able to do?
  3. What will be expected of students who graduate from the University?
  4. How do we support and extend the learning of students?
  5. What related experiences should students experience prior to graduation?
  6. What is the curriculum that will respond to these expectations?

Alumni are uniquely positioned to help answer those questions and also tell us what you value about your Point Park education. What experiences and opportunities inside and outside the classroom do you think would strengthen our educational programs?

We invite you to share your views and join in a Point Park 2020 conversation. Please fill out the form below to let us know of your interest.  If you have questions or comments you would like to share please email me at rhaskins@pointpark.edu or call 412-392-8097.

Best regards,

Rick Haskins, COM 1971
Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

Start the Conversation

To participate in a Point Park 2020 Conversation please complete the information below including a little information about your Point Park experience.  Later this summer, we will begin scheduling conversations and we will be back in touch with times and places that could work for you.

Thank you for your interest.

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