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Conservatory of Performing Arts


Each year, Point Park's top cinema, dance, musical theatre and acting seniors are selected to participate in the Conservatory of Performing Arts annual showcases to help launch their careers. This year's showcase season is as follows:

Cinema Showcase

Directors Guild of America
Los Angeles, Calif.
May 19, 2014

The cinema department produces an annual showcase DVD that features the best student productions of the year. The DVD is distributed to production companies, agencies and industry professionals in Los Angeles, New York City and regionally.

Additionally, the department sponsors and takes students to a showcase screening in Los Angeles that is made up of a select group of industry professionals and alumni to further promote and introduce the students and their work. Students also meet with managers, agents, professional writers and production companies, as well as visit television stages, studios and visual effects and post houses.

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Dance Showcase

Point Park University
Pittsburgh, Pa.
May 8-10, 2014

Artistic directors, agents and company managers from various dance performance companies are invited to teach classes and observe solo works by the graduating seniors of the dance department for the purpose of future employment.

Theatre Showcase

Signature Theatre
New York, NY
May 12, 2014

Musical theatre and acting seniors travel and perform for casting directors, talent agents, managers and other industry professionals in New York City. A panel of distinguished faculty and local industry professionals selects the students, who then take a showcase class at the University twice a week to prepare.

Funding for the New York showcase comes from The Conservatory Circle, a program created by Trustee and Advisory Board member John (Jack) Tomayko for small- and medium-sized businesses to support the Conservatory of Performing Arts and its initiatives.

Meet the Class of 2014 Theatre Showcase Candidates