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Conservatory of Performing Arts

Cinema Arts

Requited, by seniors Mark Christian, cinematographer and writer, and Madeline Puzzo, director and production designer, is one of only nine films named as finalists in the “narrative” category. Still from Student Academy Award finalist film, REQUITED.


Four years in your major.

The Department of Cinema Arts ranks as one of the best for professional film and media production, animation and visual effects and screenwriting. We equip students with the technical and aesthetic skills necessary to compete in today's media industries. You will have the opportunity to produce films, develop digital production projects and write scripts and teleplays starting year one through year four in a real-world production environment. When you leave our programs, you’ll have all the tools and know-how needed to survive and thrive in your chosen field.

Collaboration is key. Cinema production, animation and visual effects and screenwriting students will work together to see their stories, camera work, editing, sound design, visuals effects and animation brought to life. Since students only work on professional HD cameras and the latest in post-production, visual effects and animation software, productions costs are kept low, allowing students the opportunity to develop and work on dozens of projects while in school. 

When cinema arts students leave, they can except to have a professional reel of film or animation work. For screenwriters, they'll have a number of professional-quality screenplays and/or teleplays, as well as produced pieces. This, along with the technical and artistic skills, will give you the stepping stones you need to make it in the industry.

Video: Hear from cinema arts students

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Showcasing our Students

Each year, a select group of cinema arts students attend a showcase screening in Los Angeles to promote and introduce their work to industry professionals and alumni. Students also visit television stages, studios and visual effects and post houses.

Degree Programs

B.A. in Cinema Production
Filmmakers in cinema production begin producing work in their first year and have the unique opportunity to make films in every year of the program. In your junior and senior years, you'll select one of five concentrations for advanced study and practice: directing, producing, editing, cinematography and sound

B.A. in Screenwriting
In our screenwriting program, writers have the opportunity to participate in a workshop setting, providing and receiving feedback from peers, instructors, and guest speakers; as well as study classic and contemporary works. Aspiring writers learn the fundamentals of storytelling by exploring various modes of narrative writing, including movie screenplays, television scripts, plays, writing for online media

B.A. in Animation & Visual Effects
Bring your ideas to life by combining your artistic skills and design techniques for the creation of animation and visual effects projects. The program will offer students four years of study in the areas of animation and visual effects. You’ll learn the art of animation and develop skills in storyboarding, character development, modeling, level design and texture mapping. You’ll also create special effects for gaming, broadcast and film industries.


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