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School of Business

Transfer Students

2+2 Transfer Programs

Use these guides to schedule your first two years of courses at community college so that they will transfer into your final two years at Point Park for your degree completion.





Transfer Students Welcomed!

If you have 12 credits or more (at a regionally accredited college, university or technical school) and are exploring your options, contact Deb Bateman (412-392-3433) for information on transferring those credits into a new start at Point Park University School of Business.

Looking to turn an associates degree into a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree? The School of Business offers Capstone, Accelerated and 2+2 programs.   If you need a different option than any offered here, connect with  dbateman@pointpark.edu for a customized program. 

School of Business Capstone Programs

Capstone programs are for students who have earned associates degrees and intend to complete baccalaureate degrees.  Capstone programs can be completed either part time or full time, with classes during the day and/or evening.  Capstone programs are not accelerated Saturday programs.

Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree Programs (Saturday Classes)

These accelerated programs were created to meet the needs of adult students and can be completed in two years of intensive, Saturday-only sessions. They are open to students with an associates degree or 60 transferable credits completed in a degree-track program at an accredited school.

In an accelerated program, students follow the traditional calendar of semesters. Each semester is 15 weeks long and consists of two seven-week quarters with a week off between quarters. By taking two classes at a time, students can complete 12 credits in a semester attending only on Saturdays.